If you say what God says.
If you think like God thinks.
If you act or behave as God acts or behaves.
Then you will get God’s desired results.

When a negative thought comes into your mind, say out loud:
Thank you Lord, for taking care of that.

You must say these words out loud every time a negative thought enters your mind in order to have success and freedom. If you do not, you will be sabotaging your freedom and not get the results that you desire.

When a negative word comes out of your mouth, immediately say: CANCEL.
Then say:
I used to think that way.
I used to feel that way.
I used to be that way.
But not anymore.
Thank you Lord, for taking care of that.

Each night before you go to bed and each morning when you get up, say out loud:

I choose this day to trust in God. I choose to believe.
I choose life.  I choose life.  I choose life.
I choose blessings.  I choose blessings.  I choose blessings.

I walk in God’s love.   I walk in God’s peace
I walk in God’s glory.   I walk in God’s light.
I walk in God’s favor.   I walk in God’s strength.
I walk in God’s prosperity.  I walk in God’s courage.
I walk in God’s divine healing.  I walk in God’s freedom.
I walk in God’s wisdom.   My mind is renewed.
I walk in God’s joy.   My soul is restored.

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