Testimony Not One Wounded! Iraq War

Testimony of Chaplain Hardy Higgins: Not One Wounded.
Shared at Kenneth Copeland Southwest Believers Convention, 2003. 

Chaplain Hardy Higgins shared this testimony of God’s Covenant of Protection, that he experienced during the beginning of the Iraq War.
When we found out that I was going to Iraq, the first thing I did was go to the Lord with my wife in prayer. The second thing I did was get online with my chaplain assistant and ordered the booklet “No Fear Here” for our troops. And I ordered the Psalm 91 cards from Kenneth Copeland Ministries.
I shared the cards with the soldiers. Before we went out on any convoy, we prayed. And each vehicle had Psalm 91 in it. And the soldiers were carrying the card. We had over 6000 soldiers deployed with the brigade through the whole war and most of them were on the front lines and not one was wounded.
After the war, we had a visit from a very high executive general who came north of Baghdad, where we were stationed. And we had to get him down to Baghdad International Airport to catch a plane. Our Command Sergeant Major put together a convoy of five vehicles and took him back down to the Baghdad International Airport. They dropped them off and came back.
When they came back, it was at night about 10: 30 or 11 o’clock. When they went under a overpass, the Iraqis on top of the overpass, fired a rocket propelled grenade at the Sgt. Major’s vehicle.
Now, it hit the right taillight of the vehicle square in the middle. It punched the taillight lens through, then dropped back down, rolled over to the side and scooted along the side of the road. The Sgt. Major said, sitting there, that said he drew up in a crunched position, as he was watching the rocket. He said that as he watched it, his whole world, his whole life flashed before him.
That rocket went 20 meters in front of him and then exploded.
One of the drivers that was driving in the convoy said, that we were driving and it appeared like we were driving through a tunnel. It appeared that all the bullets were going over us, but none hit us. They were firing machine guns down on the convoy and rocket propelled grenades and there was not one bullet hole in any vehicle.
He looked at me and told me that story and said “I don’t believe in God, but I’m beginning to wonder.”
Chaplain Higgins went on to share one of the original cards in the Bible that he had with him during his deployment to Iraq.
The 130th engineering brigade. 



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